Medication Management

Medication management is achieved by closely monitoring medications that a healthcare provider prescribes. Monitoring methods include lab work, PMP monitoring, and visual assessment of medication by confirming the correct tablet and counting the medication. This also includes monitoring the patient’s physical and mental effects and the results of medication treatments.

Here at painless Peach Pain Care understand that chronic pain can be controlling and life-altering. Our goal is to keep you functioning at your highest-level day to day and being able to interact with your family and friends. We will treat the underlying pain cause and not just the symptoms using larger and larger dosing as a short-term band-aide. We also won’t allow you to quit on yourself; we will push you to be better for yourself and your friends and family.

We help you achieve this by having an active treatment plan that includes medication management, injections, and physical therapy. We treat pain associated with the following:

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